About the Event


This course is based on, but not limited to, the syllabus produced by FISD for the Level 2 Licensing Module and its associated exam. The course provides a detailed insight into the complex world of data licensing, highlighting the associated responsibilities and liabilities.

As part of the course selected real world license contracts will be reviewed and dissected, in order to enable attendees to become familiar with the style and underlying structures of market data licensing contracts as they relate to data content and services provided.

The course is of equal value to data vendors as well as data users as both sides need to have a clear understanding of the contractual commitments between them, which the training explores in detail. The final section of the course provides coaching aimed specifically at the FISD exam and will expose attendees to sample questions and exercises to test understanding of the subject area.

Event Highlights:

  • Introducing the first public training course for the FISD Level 2 Exam
  • Attendees will receive a detailed introduction to the world of data licensing
  • Focus will be placed on case studies that highlight best practice approaches
  • Course is presented by leading industry practitioners
  • Exam specific revision and preparation is included during the course