FISD Level 2: Data Licensing

Explore the data lifecycle and learn about the principles of licensing, contract agreements, and data management to prepare you for the FISD Level 2 exam.

During this 4-day virtual event, participants preparing to take the FISD examination will be given a comprehensive understanding of the technical and administrative aspects of the market data industry. 

Led by expert consultant, Tee Williams, this interactive event will explore the data lifecycle with an in-depth focus on the principles of data licensing and the concepts which govern successful usage of data. This learning journey will provide the in-depth knowledge necessary to take the FISD Level 2 exam. Additional preparation of data basics is available and attendees will be provided with an additional guide for the exam. 

What will you learn?  
  • Understand the overview of the data lifecycle and the main steps 

  • Explore the fundamental principles of data licensing and the different needs for specific situations 

  • Examine the central components of data usage relationships and how to keep track of changes 

  • Identify the technological tools used to manage and administer acquired data 

  • In-depth discussion on vendors, providers, and industry groups in the market data space  

  • Demonstrate knowledge needed for FISD Level 2 exam through case studies and sharing of best practices  

Who should attend

This course is primarily aimed at those working in market data sales or data administration. WatersTechnology welcomes anyone who would benefit from this training. Specific job titles in exchanges, vendors, buy and sell side firms, may include but are not limited to: 

  • Exchange data policy manager 

  • Data sales executive 

  • Data purchasing manager 

  • Market data administrator 

  • Market data consultant 

  • Market data auditor  

  • Data sourcing manager 

Pricing Options

We offer flexible pricing options for this course:

  • Early bird rates 

  • Group rate

  • Enterprise rates

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In-house option

Would you like this course delivered to your team in-house? 

We adjust the agenda to your specific needs and run the course at the time that suits you.

Your team and organisation will benefit from:

  • Expertise

  • Customisation

  • Efficiency and convenience 

  • Cost-effectiveness

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